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Conducting regular media monitoring (analyzing and monitoring the portrayal and representation of women in the mainstream media) and responding to the media

ASMITA has been conducting media monitoring activity from the very beginning of its establishment. The main purpose of this activity is to show how women are wrongfully portrayed and represented in the mainstream media and suggest proper ways to portray women in media. Notably, ASMITA is

the pioneer organization in the country to start media monitoring. The magazine Asmita used to publish articles related to media monitoring under a regular column named Sanchar Nigarani (‘Media Watch’). The organization has also executed several projects related to media monitoring on different issues like women’s equal property rights issues in media, media coverage on violence against women, media monitoring of political news from gender perspective. For Nepal, ASMITA is the National Co-ordinating organization for the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) in 1995, 2005, 2010 & 2015.

These days, women have become significant consumers of different kinds of media products. Therefore, their view, interest, want, like/dislike, expectation pertaining to the media also deserve consideration. The organization would like to conduct readership/ audience surveys regularly because this is also a sort of media monitoring in which media is analyzed from consumer women’s viewpoint.


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