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Publishing the magazine Asmita to analyze and create debate on feminist and gender issues

ASMITA has been publishing the magazine Asmita since 1988, though the publication was discontinued several

times due to unavoidable constraints. Nevertheless, the reputation of the magazine Asmita as an ardent advocate for women’s cause still prevails among the educated masses and women activists. The organization sees the present context as an opportunity to take advantage of the past reputation by restarting the publication of Asmita.

ASMITA is aware about the fact that feminist movement and discourses around the world have taken a radical shift, which has opened up new horizons for study. Issues like ‘neo-colonialism and women’, ‘post feminism’, ‘post colonial feminism’,’feminist historiography’ are emerging in academic discussions. However, such issues are not being raised visibly in the context of Nepal. The magazine Asmita will publish research and discussions on the emerging issues. It will definitely contribute to enrich feminism

at the academic level. Asmita will also scrutinize the contemporary agenda like restructuring of the state, promulgation of New Constitution, social inclusion and proportional representation from gender perspective, and advocate for women’s position and rights in all these processes.

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