ASMITA’s major objective is to advocate for gender equality, women’s human rights, empowerment and progress, through various means of communication. Other specific objectives the organization are:


To enrich feminist discourse in Nepali society by writing and publishing various kinds of books and media materials.

To scrutinize the mainstream media regularly in order to find out how women are presented and represented in the media and provide suggestions for change.

To make women aware about the potential of the media in bringing change in their life.

To set up an information and knowledge bank about Nepali women and provide up-to-date information on contemporary feminist and gender issues, particularly for media practitioners.

To create a skilled gender conscious work force in the sector of media.

To utilize electronic media in order to take feminist discourse to the larger section of the society.

To understand the actual situation of Nepali women through research/surveys from feminist and/or gender perspective.

To raise awareness on contemporary women’s problems/issues through extensive interaction programs.

Developing a network with community based women’s groups and organizations in order to increase their knowledge on the use of media and information, communication technologies for women’s empowerment and gender equality.